How to Use

・with water or hot water(50-60℃ best)
・For normal, 1:5+ water
・For strong dirt, 1:2 or concentrate
・For stones, carpets and PVS sheets, 1:2 or concentrate

②How to Use
・For wall and Furniture, Spray and wipe off with cleaning cloth or sponge
・For Floors, Polisher usable No necessary protect covering on planting and walls
・For Outer walls, pressure washer usable
・No water-rinsing is necessary

・Tile, marble, sandstone, all other stones, porcelain tile, paint, aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, silk, wool, and other fabrics, rubber, wood and tatami
・Possible to use on Most of materials

・Because this detergent is effective to grease, do not use on varnished wood
・For waxed floor, you need the detergent diluting enough
・Do not place in direct sunlight for a long time
・Cannot clean dirt caused of dyed or exposed to ultraviolet rays
・Rinse with clean water if the detergent gets in your eyes, or See medics if swallowed
・Not for drinking
・Store safely to prevent accidental ingestion